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Aug 8, 2011
I think the article is a very fair and balanced assessment. The more friction there is with using a device, the less it will be used. Picking up an iPhone is easy, which is why people do it all the time. Getting out the Vision Pro, the battery pack and a charger takes more effort. And if you actually want to get work done, you need to get out a keyboard and trackpad/mouse as well. That's a lot.

It also seems like a very incomplete experience at this point. Apple has so many of their own apps that are not native, including Calendar, Maps, Home, etc. It could easily use a price cut to $2995 (and give the early adopters a $500 store credit). And the lack of unlocking/mirroring the iPhone is a major pain point for me.

I love the potential of the device, and often find using it to still be amazing. But I also think it has a long way to go before anyone I know would buy one.


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Feb 2, 2017

“Can Apple Rescue the Vision Pro?​

The $3,500 “spatial computing” device has gathered dust on my shelf. Can tweaks and upgrades save it from obsolescence?”

What do you think? Is he right? What's next? Is Apple doing enough?

If this device was aimed at the mass market I’d agree completely and if you’re thinking of buying it because you believe it’s a feature complete product that’s ready for prime time then this article applies and it’s an essential read but for a great many reasons that have been debated on these forums and elsewhere until people are blue in the face that’s not what this device is.

It’s essentially an entire platform beta. It’s Apple’s first attempt at a hardware and software based product including the hardware, the OS, it’s own apps and a third party app marketplace that isn’t going to be ready for the mass market until somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 - 10 years from now. Probably closer to 10 years than 5 years with no guarantee that the hardware technology will get actually get where Apple needs it to be to deliver a form factor that is ready for prime time and resembles AR glasses instead of a nerd helmet.

IMO if you buy this expecting anything more than that you’ll be disappointed. Apple is at fault to the extent that by releasing it without those caveats people rightfully assumed it was something it isn’t. Something that was much closer to a finished product than it actually is but I believe they did it to move more than they would have otherwise and there is a market for it. It’s a very small market compared to every other product but I love mine and I’m glad I had the opportunity to buy it.
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