Proximity Sensor Stays Black In Call

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    Hello all, im having a very frustinrating problem with my iphone 4 proxmity sensor. Im running IOS 6.1. Im jailbroken with the Evasion installer. Ive had the phone for about a month now, when i got the phone from apple, it had IOS 6.1 It seems many people have a similar problem (but mine is reversed), see when i go to make a call, my proxmity sensor knows its by my ear and goes black, but ones i bring it down and hold it as if i where to say, open my contacts to look at phone numbers or change the volume while in call the screen remains black and wont come back. The only way to get it to come back is to hit the lock/unlock button which hangs up my call.

    So in short, i call a number, put my phone up to my ear, the proxmity sensor makes the screen goes black, but when i bring it down away from my ear, it remains black. I have tried many things, i reset to default settings, ive done a hard and soft reboot. Ive taken off my case as well.

    I DO NOT want to do a system restore because i dont want to lose my Cydia apps, and, my main fear is if i DO go ahead and system restore, itunes will automaticly give me IOS 6.2, which most likely means i cant re-jail break. Please i need suggestions. Im losing my mind. Yes apple will fix and if it is a hardware issue they will replace the phone (its underwarrenty) but i dont want to lose my access to cydia/jailbreaks in genral.

    I feel like its not a hardware issue, as many people have reported with the update to IOS6, that their phone's proxmity sensor is messed up as well, except the common problem seems to be that the screen WONT go black and people hang up/mute/open a text or facetime with their ears. Please let me know what i can do, or if theres a Cydia tweak i can get to fix this. Thanks so much. Im going crazy.
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    Evasion is already confirmed to work with 6.1.2. So, if you do have to restore that won't be an issue. 6.1.3 is NOT confirmed, but it's in beta at the moment so you can't update to that anyway.

    Back up your iPhone. Download from Cydia and install some sort of app backup. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOW THAT APP BACKS UP! Cydia has a few free ones and there is one paid one that will actually backup/restore your apps (versus just storing a list that causes them to automatically download from Cydia). Restore as new. This is IMPORTANT! You need to wipe out the jailbreak so that Apple does not see it. Take your iPhone in to Apple and have them fix it. Once you get it fixed (or a new iPhone), jailbreak it. Restore from your backup (this will give you all your regular App store apps and data back). Restore from your Cydia backup (which will give you back all your JB apps).

    Never worry about losing your purchases. Cydia maintains that in their own database based on your Google (or Facebook) account. Once you purchase an app, even if it's not backed up, Cydia knows and will allow you to reinstall it with no hassle.

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