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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by nolem, Sep 18, 2013.

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    Jan 9, 2004
    I have an interesting issue here that I hope someone knows the solution to.
    In France currently studying a semester abroad (from the US) and none of my gadgets will connect to my host schools wireless network. New Macbook Air, 3rd Gen iPad and even my Samsung S2 phone won't load any web pages. Yet they all work fine when connecting to the wifi network in my apartment here.
    The school uses the type of wifi system where the network is open, you connect to it, then open up a web browser and the first thing that loads is a page where you enter your login and password. The system is called "moodle" if anyone knows it. After successfully doing that you are "connected". The rest of my class has no problems doing this and they have a variety of Laptops including Apple and Windows, and some ipads. Also my login works fine in the computer lab so that is not the problem.

    Yet every time I try to connect with my personal devices it will say I am logged in just fine but still not load any web pages. Chrome is my most used browser and I get the same error each time;
    Similar errors appear when using Safari and with my phones web browsers.
    With the iPad some of my APPS will connect to the internet, such as Gmail and Facebook, but not chrome or safari, always get the same proxy error.

    I've cleared the cache for the web browsers and sometimes that gets me online, but within a few minutes its back to the same error code.

    No one else in the class is from the US, so this leads me to believe that the issue has something to do with American default network configuration? But other than that I have no idea wtf is going on, and neither does the IT department at school. No other classmates had to enter any specific proxy settings to get their devices online either, and I've compared the network settings from my iPad to another that works and everything is the same...
    Any ideas???

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