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  1. mickay macrumors newbie

    Mar 31, 2009
    Hi all, I posted this question over at the apple support forum and got bugger all response lol

    At my university we have wireless internet and have to jump through a few hoops like installing certificates etc to get our devices to connect. There is documentation on how to connect an iphone/ipod to the network so we are definately supported/allowed to use our iphones on the network.

    I had to set some proxy settings including my username and password for access. This was all set up easily through the regular settings of the ipod.

    PROBLEM IS: only safari seems to care about these proxy settings I have got. Any other app (e.g. youtube, mail, facebook, any games etc) will fail to connect to the internet whilst on the university network. all apps work perfectly fine at home on my wireless network. The apps appear to be completely ignoring my proxy settings, or the other problem may be that the proxy servers are not accepting requests from those apps. Most of them should be using the standard http and mail ports or whatever safari is using, especially the youtube and mail.

    Also note facebook, msn and anything that you might think would be blocked on a school network is NOT blocked (with perhaps the possible exception of porn sites - don't know, don't plan to find out either lol) and is accessible via our laptops etc and facebook works fine through safari.

    So before I go and badger the tech staff at uni (pretty busy to find time to do this anyway), does anyone else here know what the issue here is with my apps appearing to ignore my proxy settings?! And even better, a fix?!

  2. Rodegero macrumors newbie

    Apr 18, 2009
    Proxy Servers

    My job uses a proxy server and I cannot get through it to access the internet.
    I tried the Auto configuration and the Manual with username and passwords
    Anyone know how to connect with a proxy server?
    I got the server name and port of 80.
    Any fancy tricks with the linksys router?
    Rodger O

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