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Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Washac, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Washac macrumors 68020


    Jul 2, 2006

    I have a big box of PS1 games and want to convert them to BIN/CUE so I can play them
    in emulators etc.

    Is there a Program for the Mac to do this ?

    If you feel that this cannot posted here then please PM me.
  2. Madd the Sane macrumors 6502a

    Madd the Sane

    Nov 8, 2010
    PCSX for Mac uses the Mac's CD-ROM drive, so you don't need to convert them to any disc image.
  3. lostless macrumors 6502

    Oct 22, 2005
    I find PCSXR for mac lacks and has OK compatibility. I use EPSXE for windows via crossover games (well worth its purchase). I use the petes openGL2 plugin which seems so run most games just fine. PS1 games in HD is amazing.
  4. SpeedofMac macrumors newbie

    Jan 28, 2010
    The latest change sets of PCSX-Reloaded include a Mac port of Pete's OpenGL plugin. It still has some kinks to be worked out, but it's worth a try if you decide that you'd like to try the Mac version again.

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