PS3 connected to the mac mini, then to the iMac

Discussion in 'iMac' started by alexanderson, Jan 1, 2014.

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    Jan 1, 2014

    Did anyone tried to connect their PS3 to Mac Mini and then connect Mac Mini to an iMac and use it as display? I don't have an iMac so I cannot try it myself but I was wondering what would happen. Would an iMac work in TDM for PS3 since the inupt goes from a Mac Mini (so technically an Apple computer which is essential for TDM to work )? I have no idea if this makes any sense or if it's even possible but I thought it's worth a shot.

    Thanks in advance for any response.


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    the mac mini has no video in port and does not do TDM since it has no screen either.

    current iMacs need a thunderbolt input for TDM, meaning the other end has to be mac with thunderbolt.
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    I am intrigued as to why the OP would think the Mac Mini can handle input from the PS3 any better than an iMac can? Of course it won't work, but I thought it was quite a bizarre idea really.

    A bit like saying "I have this square peg and I want to fit it into a round hole, which I know wont work, so could I fit it into another round hole instead"!?!
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    To answer your question: Mac Mini has HDMI port. So does PS3. I heard about people trying to capture/record PS3 gameplay via mac mini (though I have no idea what was the final result) using HDMI port. So, assuming it would work I was wondering what would be displayed on an iMac connected to mac mini and used by mini as a monitor via Thunderbolt. If an iMac works in TDM as a monitor for mini and mini recives signal (or whatever it is) from PS3 (or should I write" IF mini recives signal) wouldn't iMac display gameplay from PS3?
    Like I mentioned. I am no technician. I have almost zero knowlegde about this stuff and luckily I don't have to. That is why I ask people with experience/knowledge. I didn't expect that this would/woudn't work. I asked just out of curiosity. I would try it myself if I had an iMac.
    Anyway thanks for your replays.

    I also checked HDMI port in Mac Mini and it's only output. So this puts my experiment to rest.

    I think mods can close/delete this thread
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    Yep. You assumed wrong. The mini's HDMI port is video-out only.

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