PS3 Controller on iMac (Lion)

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by lilkoolaidman, Sep 18, 2011.

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    I've been trying to use my PS3 controller on my Mac but can't seem to get it to work.

    I plug it in, unplug it, and press the PS button and it shows up under the bluetooth menu but keeps flashing. Furthermore, when I open bluetooth preferences, it says it is connected but not paired. I once got it to connect and the lights were not flashing, just simply off, but when I tried to play "MC Domination", it was all screwy i.e. menus just scrolling and it was just unusable.

    So, is there some way of getting it to work natively or at least a good third-party driver available?

    Thanks in advance.
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    i downloaded the gamepad companion from the mac app store, it didn't fix my issues on the xbox 360 controller, but lots of reviews said it worked great with the ps3 controller.
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    Jul 24, 2007
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    Found this discussion that might help:

    So I finally got it figured out! However, now that I have done it once, I'm finding it troublesome to get back to the screen so that I can explain it to everyone else who may be having the same problem. I'll do my best to explain, though.

    First, the problem was that it was NOT show up as PS3CONTROLLER® in either Bluetooth or in Hardware under System Preferences. But, when the previous poster suggested I open System Preferences to look for it there (rather than just under the drop down box from the menu bar), that led me to the look for it there. I actually did not find it in the Bluetooth menu there. Instead:

    Go to System Preferences, then "Network".

    Once into the "Network" menu, look for "Bluetooth PAN" on the left side of the screen. Highlight it, then click on "Setup Bluetooth Device".

    Now, this is where it becomes hard to duplicate. My Mac Mini (which I was trying to pair the controller to) was picking up my Macbook Pro and trying to pair to it. I didn't want to do that, though, and I had just let that screen sit for a moment until I got an error message telling me that the pairing attempt between the two computers had failed. At that point, the error message had some sort of a "More Information" or "Options" or "Advanced" or some kind of button like that to push. I just happened to click on that, and there was an option to change the settings so that passcodes were not needed. Again, I've not been able to duplicate the process, as I discovered this screen by sheer accident, but if you are having this problem and you can get to that screen, select the bottom option out of the three or four available, the one that says not to use a passcode for pairing. After I changed that setting the PS3 Controller paired as per the normal instructions.

    Thanks for all the helpful suggestions, everyone. The solution was a pure fluke, but you each helped lead me to said fluke, so it's much appreciated.

    Janichsan, on 02 September 2011 - 02:17 PM, said:
    I stumbled upon a discussion where someone has the same problem. But basically, it should work like this.

    I was just now able to replicate the process, and the button to push on the error screen is "Passcode Options". But, again, this could only be found after failing to pair to another computer--it was never an option for the controller error screen.

    Janichsan, I am not a member of mac rumors. If you are, could you post a link to this page so that the other people who were having this same problem can see this discussion??

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