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Discussion in 'Console Games' started by The.316, Mar 29, 2014.

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    So I got my PS4, along with COD Ghosts, from my aunt in the States. I have two PSN accounts, one with a US address, the other with a Greece address. Since I use my Greece PSN account more, and had money in it, I decided to get the Ghosts DLC through that account. I downloaded the DLC, and all it says now is "waiting to install.' I spoke with someone from Sony CS in the States, and they said that the problem was that the game disc was from the States, and I need to get a COD game from my region.

    My question is this....if I delete Ghosts from my PS4, go out and rent Ghosts from a video store here, install it, download the DLCs, then swap out the Ghosts disc with the one I have from the States, does anyone know if that would work?
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    The problem here is that you have a PS4 from the States, and you live in Greece... You may experience problems with other games not just ghosts. You're pretty much at the devs mercy here.

    Here is what Sony has to say on the issue:


    Could you maybe return the PS4 from the states, and buy one locally in Greece?
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    Disc based games aren't region locked, but DLC is in the way that you need the game from the same region. You need to buy the DLC with your US account since you have a US disc.

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