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    With all of the unlimited plans rolling out our family is looking into ditching our ATT Uverse internet connection for Verizon Unlimited with a rocket pack. Wish unlimited video streaming im comfortable knowing we can watch Netflix/Hulu/etc on the Apple TV. HOWEVER I have a teenager who games. A LOT. My questions are....
    1) How's the data? I've heard gaming for several hours a day doesn't suck as much data as you'd think.

    2)Latencey? Any lag issues?

    3)NAT limitations? I think my son would die if he couldn't talk with his pals while playing over watch.

    Anything else I might need to know? I think we might try it for a month and see how it goes.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I played FIFA 14 on the PS3 online through a hotspot on my phone. It was great with an occasional hiccup maybe once or twice a night (lag in play).

    There was NAT limitations though. I'm sorry I don't have any hard numbers for you but that was my experience. That was a few years ago and LTE networks are much better now.

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