PSA: Anyone that experiences defects with their iPhone 7/Plus and wants a quick replacement...

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by spazma7ik, Oct 5, 2016.

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    Obviously try your Apple Store, but for me personally there were no appointments available whatsoever. I called the store to see if I could walk in and have my phone checked/replaced for dead pixels and they said I need an appointment. They then told me (surprise, surprise) there were no appointments they could currently book.

    I called Apple Care hotline (I don't have AC+, but these dead pixels/dust under screen didn't require it) and told them the issues I was having. The black pixel was dead center of the screen and extremely distracting. They tried to get me to make an appointment only to discover there were none near me and they said they'll put a note to get me an appointment ASAP and let me know when it is. I asked them if instead they could just send me a replacement phone and without hesitation the man told me that was possible, I just needed to give a card on file for a ~$930 hold until I sent back my phone having issues.

    Less than two days later I had an iPhone 7 Plus Matte Black 128GB at my door and it was flawless. I popped my messed up phone in the box and put the prepaid return label on and that was that. Very easy and I'm super impressed with the turnaround!

    Just a heads up for anybody that's sitting with a defective phone waiting for an appointment/replacement stock at their local store.
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    For those looking to request this, it's called an express replacement. Usually there's a fee of $29 if you don't have AppleCare+, but this fee will likely be waived since these phones just came out.

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