Price Advice PSA : don't let Gazelle or Next Worth RIP YOU OFF when selling your iPhone 6

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    Jun 11, 2009
    this might of been brought up by now in other threads.
    this might be the wrong forum, its more of a selling advice post

    i was trying to put out a story and i offered it to Tips at Mac Rumors , they never replied, so i wrote BGR, they never replied. so ill write it here. i wrote Gazelle and next worth challenging them on their prices. one company refused to answer my questions and closed my support ticket, and the other company gave me answer that was BS, they offered to send it to "their executive team to re-evaluate their pricing structure" and i told them if you don't fix this, I'm going to unbox therapy

    when people sell their phones to these companies, they expect the companies not to give the same value that you could get for a private sale. but they don't expect them to give them a price that is totally unfair or rigged

    I would like to remind the community, that there is only 2 models of the iPhone 6 phones.

    there is a A1549 (GSM) and a A1549 (CDMA) and a A1522 (GSM) and a A1522 (CDMA)
    A1549 is iphone 6
    A1522 is Iphone 6+

    both phones have working CDMA radios. the only difference now is sprint wants the spint handset.
    where as Verizon has recently approved the other GSM handset.

    back in 9/14 Verizon had no problems with the A1549 GSM handset as long as the Sim card you used was pulled from another handset. two weeks ago Verizon approved everything. and you can now activate a new line of service on any iPhone

    the GSM ( with CDMA ) handset is referred to as the "T-mobile version"
    this handset will work on AT&T , Verizon, and T-mobile with no degradation or incompatibility what so ever.

    the CDMA handset ( with GSM) is referred to as the "SIM FREE Version"
    this handset will work on Sprint, Verizon, T-mobile and At&t as with no degradation or incompatibility what so ever.

    the only difference between each handset is the Carrier LOCK.

    once you remove the carrier lock, every single iPhone 6 series phone is identical to every other iPhone 6 series phone. , except for sprint which i mentioned earlier.

    last week around 9/2 Gazelle's prices were off the wall. and i called them out on it.
    AT&T $346 , Sprint $361 T-mobile $383 , Verizon $476, UNLOCKED $365

    if you fail to unlock your AT&T phone, then you are getting robbed of $130 , because AT&T is now considered a verizon iPhone.

    AT&T no longer requires "customers" to unlock phones. if you forgot to ask AT&T to unlock your iPhone, gazelle can submit an unlock and just pocket the $130

    like i said, the Verizon phone is basically the same phone as the unlocked one, but for some reason
    the unlocked one that works on Verizon, AT&T and t-mobile and sprint is $111 less. despite the fact
    that this phone is superior

    so now the prices i got the other day was
    verizon 385, unlocked 395 tmo 305 sprint 260 AT&T 375

    ALL of these prices are price quotes for an T-mobile UNLOCKED iPhone 6 plus with 128 gb

    so because your phone is a "sprint" one , your being RIPPED OFF $126 because your phone is locked.
    an unlocked sprint phone is now a "verizon" phone. and Gazelle can't tell which phone is which

    so the bottom line i want to make is if you are selling a T-Mobile or a Sprint handset to Gazelle or Next Worth, make sure you get your carrier unlock, and LIE to them and make sure you tell them that phone is an Verizon or AT&T phone to get the maximum price. except for the model # , they can't tell the difference between AT&T and T-mobile phones because its the exact same handset.

    since Verizon has White listed all T-mobile unlocked phones or any other unlocked iPhone 6 2 weeks ago,
    you can say any unlocked phone is an unlocked Verizon, and if they try to take $90 to $126 off your sale
    you tell them you want your money back and they can F off

    the iPhone 6s is different, they went back to Gsm on one and CDMA and GSM on the other . and one phone has 29 and one has 30, so when the iPhone 7 comes out, its back to normal

    but for right now. don't let Gazelle RIP YOU OFF TWICE

    please put my post everywhere and say it came from me, :)
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    Jun 11, 2009
    here is the email i wrote gazelle on 9/4

    i asked this same exact question to next worth. and they refused to answer and closed my case

    why are you paying the maximum for a Verizon model?

    verizon has whitelisted every single iPhone 6 and 6 plus last week. An unlocked iPhone , like the T-Mobile version is now a verizon phone

    your quoting system should be asking if the phone is locked to a particular carrier, or is it an unlocked srpiint phone or is it an unlocked t-mo, vz or att

    here is the quotes i got today for an iPhone 6 plus 128 gb

    at&t $346
    sprint $361
    T-mobile $383
    verizon $476
    unocked $365

    these prices make no sense what so ever and i refuse to do any business with you or next worth . ill take my iPhone 6 plus to swappa.

    if the phone is unlocked, then ATT, TMOBILE AND VERIZON should all the same price, they should all be $476
    if the iPhone is unlocked sprint model. then it should be the same price as an ATT TMOBILE and VERIZON model and should be $476 as well
    if you bought a luaunch day iphone 6, regardless of carrier then it should sell for less then the fully sim free unlocked price

    so i think those prices should be
    unlocked sim free $500
    unlocked verizon, t-mobile or sprint $476
    locked to their carriers
    att $346
    sprint $361
    T-mobile $383

    your prices make sense only if the phone is locked to that carrier.
    but then your ripping people off by only offering 365 for an ‘unlocked model’ when in reality that is a verizon model

    i am so upset i don't understand it. theres only 2 models of each phone. one has spark channels and one does not. they both have cdma enabled.
    Verizon last week approved every single iPhone 6 and 6 ever sold for their network. your prices are old like they are based on a 5s with no cdma radio

    the maximum amount your company should pay should be for the “sim free” iPhone because it can be used on all 4 carriers
    but you are ripping people off by robbing them of $111

    this is the reply.

    Hello Matt,

    As I am sure you know the pricing in this market is quite volatile, our promotion is designed to offer consumers an attractive option versus that of their carrier. For a consumer looking to trade-in an unlocked device a cash offer from Gazelle might be more compelling vs. a gift card from a carrier.

    I have forwarded your feedback directly to our executive team who are reviewing our pricing structure. They appreciated your knowledge and if you are interested in a pricing job just let us know :)

    If you have an offer with us I would be more then happy to make sure it is for the highest value possible, simply let me know your Gazelle ID or the email you used to create the offer.


    this was my reply

    the iphone 6 is a carrier neutral phone, it does not care whose carrier you bought it for once its unlocked you can take it anywhere.
    your pricing sucks
    the only 2 things are
    1. sprint is sprnt / tmo / verizon and att
    2. the other one is tmo verizon and att
    once the iphone 6 is unlocked it does not give a ****, your pricng shoud relfect this.
    right now nxt worth is offering $80 less for an unlocked phone that can be used on verizon with no issues
    but paying $80 for a verizon model , despite the fact that it is the same ****ing phome
    i gave a story to mac rumors, im going to start writing letterrs to the media in 7 days if mac rumors does not want to run with the story
    your companies reply about ‘ the market’ only applies to the iphone 5 and 5s.
    the 5s had its cdma radio disabled so you had to buy the right one ( att or sprint )
    the iphone 5 had its cdma radio and it uyou had to buy the right one ( att or sprint ) and sprint cant give you a domestic carrier unlock
    the ipjone 6 once unlocked is the same f***** phone as a verizon phone
    so therefor it should be the same price
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    Jun 11, 2009
    this is an email i wrote to next worth

    with the recent developments about Verizon allowing tmobile iphone 6 and 6 plus phones on their network
    i think your service should give the same exact quote on both handsets.

    i believe you should offer quotes for the ‘ sim free ‘ iPhone and pay more money for those, because they work on sprint
    in addition to t-mobile, verizon, and att

    i belive i can just tell you that my ‘unlocked t-mobile phone’ is a verizon model and just get the $50 extra bucks
    becasue verizon likes the serial #s now

    this was the reply

    ##- Please type your reply above this line -##
    Your request (#32209) has been solved. To reopen this request, reply to this email or click the link below:

    that was it. that is all they said.
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    Apr 7, 2007
    Cleveland, OH
    If you want them to even begin to consider taking you seriously you should probably start without swear words and use full sentences.
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    Jun 11, 2009
    well considering the prices stabilized within 6 days and they stopped ripping people off $80 for having an unlocked iPhone versus a verizon or AT&T model, i think i did good.

    its up to people to read what i said , and think twice about letting Gazelle rob them of $125 less for the same exact phone and to tell their friends.

    im not kidding.

    there is only 2 iPhone 6 phone types , and because of that, all phones should be more or less the same price on a trade in.

    the emails i sent begging BGR or Mac Rumors to investigate this, did not have swear words.

    i still read posts on mac rumors from people who believe the GSM iPhone 6 does not work on Verizon, because it does not have a CDMA radio. and these are the people that gazelle are trying to lure as suckers.
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    Jun 11, 2009
    instead of an $80 or a $111 price difference between an iPhone 6 unlocked and an iPhone 6 verizon , there is only a $20 difference, i think my swear words worked. now we just to nicely remind people to unlock their sprint and t-mobile and AT&T handsets before selling them

    your various "apple experts" that run the news sites like apple insider that plagiarize each other are really doing you a disservice by reporting price differences between each iPhone and then not realizing -- hey wait a minute -- they are the same exact phone.
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    Its called capitalism, its not a scam or a rip off. If you don't like the offer the provided you are free to sell it yourself or find another entity to take your phone.

    Most people realize that they will get less money for selling it to Gazelle, but what they get is the convenience. Btw, they offer more money then what what you can get trading it in to VZW/ATT/Apple. At least that was the case for my phone.

    Personally, I want to maximize my return and I'll sell it privately. If you do not like how Gazelle is doing business the answer is simple. Don't use them.

    People opt for these services because selling a phone can be an experience that is fraught with pitfalls and hidden costs, i.e., eBay fees, people trying to scam you, etc etc.
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    Jun 11, 2009
    no its called ripping you off

    capitalism is offering you $475 for an iPhone that is worth $800 on eBay

    ripping you off is only paying you $350 for your $475 phone, because it is "unlocked" despite the fact
    that the phones is exactly the same as an AT&T or verizon model.
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    I'll not argue the issue, as you seemed pretty worked up about it.

    The bottom line is that you (and I) are free to choose who we want to sell our phones too. I suggest you find a service or buyer that provides a price more in line with your expectation.

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