iPad PSA: iPad Air, AppleCare+ and In Store Pickup

Discussion in 'iPad' started by shortcut3d, Nov 3, 2013.

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    Aug 24, 2011
    After my day long in store pick up fiasco on November 1st the troubles continue. I continue to receive pick up confirmations and pick up available notices on November 3rd. These notices are for AppleCare+. My original order was two iPad Air 128GB WiFi + Cellular (AT&T), two SmartCase(s), and two AppleCare+.

    I'll skip the day long saga for in store pick up. Though one important note from that day, items that were stuck in processing can not be processed for a refund until available for in store pick up.

    After continuing to receive these notices, I decided to confirm AppleCare+ for each device. One device did not have AppleCare+ registered, not much of a surprise given this web order history. I contacted Apple and was transferred to the agreements department. Apparently, this is an issue carrying over from launch day. Their standard process is to sale you a new AppleCare+ subscription, then transfer you to web order support for a refund on the original order. Sounded familiar to suggestions from in store employees willing to sale an iPad Air and then cancel the in store pick up at a later date. Sure enough, after requesting to check on the refund first, the unregistered / unattached AppleCare+ could not be refunded 'yet'. I do have a pick up confirmation for this particular iPad Air with AppleCare+. I also have another pick up confirmation for this iPad Air with three AppleCare+. Currently, a senior advisor from agreements department is researching the issue and will contact me with a resolution. Regardless, he said the receipt is gold for AppleCare+ and it would be honored in the meantime.

    If you ordered AppleCare+ with your iPad Air on launch day for in store pick up, check your support coverage. It should be showing good through October 31, 2015.
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    Actually, it should be good through November 1. I ordered mine launch day and that's what I'm seeing on mine.

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