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Nov 7, 2014
I'm a fan of Google Now launcher -- clean and simple.

However, for 99 cents, Nova Prime is a reliable and feature-rich launcher. Those who hate TouchWiz or Sense or even just want more features with their stock Android device should look into it.
[doublepost=1466539276][/doublepost]A few more deals here, including PowerAmp, which is my default music player. It's hands down the best.


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Dec 8, 2011
East Central Florida
Is Fenix any good ?

I haven't used it much at all, mostly using iOS now. Mostly bought it because of seemingly endless recommendations. Flamingo seems to be the hippest Android client according to Reddit though. Getting real sick of the sponsored tweets in the official app so that was my main reason for buying. Felt like half my feed was ads.
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Jun 18, 2010
My favorite Android app. Already have Prime though for free. Sorry. Google its apk. Done. Arrrrrr!

Not quite as detailed as from the KitKat era though. I can't change the app name and icon for whatever is seen in the drawer. It no longer has that tab to show all apps even the hidden ones in the drawer. I prefer Nova Prime before they updated to Lollipoop. But I can't live without the gesture swipes and shortcuts, so it is still a must for me.

Double tap in the homescreen - Greenify Hibernation
Swipe Up - Screen Off and Lock (Z swipe animation)
Swipe Down - Notification panel

Apps in my dock lead to different apps so I don't need to reach up for them or inside the drawer. Pushing up my Settings icon always leads to my battery to check my SOT. Pushing up on the drawer icon leads to my security lockscreen page.

Animations - Set to FAST and Slide or Ice Cream Sandwich

I really don't like the Lollipop animations all that much.

Nova Prime (pre-Lollipop) - 9.5/10
Nova Prime (Material Design) - 9/10

Still a must-have for me. One of the top reasons why I prefer Android over iOS.


Jun 18, 2010
The problem with the new Nova Prime is they got rid of changing the name and icon INSIDE the drawer. You can still change it on the homescreen but it no longer matches with the icons in the drawer. All my Android phones' apps have to match the homescreen and drawer. Different icon packs but the same order of names and gestures shortcuts. That limitation from Nova led me to...

Smart Launcher 3

It isn't the Pro version but all I really need are the double tap, swipe down, and swipe up gestures. So far, so good. Posted a screenshot of it in another thread. I am used to one homescreen with gestures. I will keep Nova Prime for my KitKat phones. Nova Prime was better in that era. Smart seems to do a much better job for the Material Design era.

Smart Launcher 3 -

Drawer transition effect - Grid Flip
App animations - Default
Wallpaper - Flare theme
Icons (homescreen) - Flare
Icons (drawer) - Click UI

Single tap/Double tap
Camera - Camera/Camfrog
Gallery - QuickPic/Music Player by Bitsy
Setting - Setting/Battery Usage
Internet - Opera Mini/CM Browser
Messaging - Contacts/Textra

I was jamming out to The Chainsmokers' "Roses" while I customized it for less than an hour so my mood was good this morning. It looks like the Lenovo launcher that used for years (circa 2010 with the LePhone) which is ironic because I customized it only for my Motorola Moto E2.

Any good launcher for me needs to have ability to hide apps, change names/icons, and gesture shortcuts. Smart Launcher is smooth as silk and minimalistic. Something you can't always do out of the box from another rival that's emphasis is based on clean design and minimalism. How ironic. Love Android and now you see why... ;)
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