psCS3 Bible + snowleopard ?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by DELINDA, Sep 10, 2009.

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    Jun 13, 2008
    Page 49 in the ps cs 3 bible(book) has a table of shortcuts , I can't seem to get them to work . Can anyone help . As an example : up one screen =control+K . It did not work for me . I did have scroll bars , top & side . When I press the keys I get a pref. drop down .My other ? is should I install snow now or wait till Adobe gets a patch for cs3 . Is there really a problem and what is it ? Thanks
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    Hi Delinda

    I have to say I can't get that shortcut to work on my mac either... weird.

    With regards to adobe and a patch for cs3, they have pretty much said they wont be creating one, so you may as well go ahead and install 10.6 if you are going to :) Adobe say that it should work fine, with only a few glitches (there was a story last week on the MacRumors site) So apparently there's nothign to worry about :) They just want to be clear that it's their old product and they wont fix it unless they feel like they want to. They basically want people to buy CS4. Fair enough.

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    PS cs 3 + snowleopard ?

    I still can not use the shorts from cs3 bible / p49 . But I find that if I press fn + page up/down/home/end . My image will move really fast . I am guessing that maybe I must disable fn so that the shorts will work . I now must figure out how to do this . As far as SL goe's I want to learn cs3 before I move on . I may never move on . There is no need on my part . After just buying the bible why would I want to venture beyond what I am still learning . Thanks for web site on adobe .

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