PSE6 Mac Printing Colours darker than PSE4 - Adobe accepts fault

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by elolaugesen, Oct 9, 2008.

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    PSE6 Mac Printing Colours darker than PSE4 - Adobe accepts fault
Powerbook G4 Mac OS X (10.4.11) epson R2400

    I called last week to check progress on fix.. no information just that I should either continue to use PSE4 or PSE6 (with printer management of colours) instead of adobe PSE6 management.

    (please note that my tests in aperture 2 showed it converted colours properly)

    Problem also occurs (as adobe found out) with Canon printers...

    My work requires that when I create prints for artists I must replicate all the prints exactly everytime. It worked perfectly from PSE2, PSE3 and PSE4 but now......

    I am unable to replicate quality of printing on MACOSX PSE6. it works great on PSE4. I mailed some printed images on art paper to adobe in amsterdam and a cd with the same images. After weeks of discussions phone, email and after testing using their work flow....they came back with some answers.

    Finally a couple of replies from Adobe re colour problems and they have accepted that they are double managing the image and that I should use printer management to do the colour conversion.. here are their two replies and the comment that they will now drop me until??????? 

    Answer #1 

Your Customer Service Number is: 129800224 

Thank you for contacting Adobe Technical Support. 

After consulting with my colleagues about the issue you raised, I can let you know the following: 

The issue is both on our as well as the driver software side and the workaround we have given is the best available at this time. This issue is affecting all printers, not just Epson or Canon. 

The soft proofing effect that you are seeing in the print preview is indeed an attempt at soft proofing. However since Photoshop Elements managed prints are incorrectly double colour managed it is not as useful as it was initially designed. 

As to the exact details of why this occurred, we have no official information. 

We believe that this will resolve the issues you are experiencing, however, should the reply not help solve the problem, please contact us again, quoting the case number given above, and we will re-open the case.


Answer # 2 
Subject: Re: Adobe TS #180107025 / Mario / PSE6 oversaturated Print (KMM3793441I51L0KM) 

Dear Mr. Laugesen, 

We have had word back from our engineers regarding your issue. 

The Photoshop Elements team are aware of the problem and are working with Apple and the printer manufacturers to get this to work correctly. In the meantime, the only workaround is to switch off colour management in Photoshop Elements and let the printer handle the colour management. 

Unfortunately we can not make an estimation as to when a fix will be provided. We will close the case for the time being as there really is nothing more we can do about this issue besides offering the suggested workaround. Closing this case does not mean that the research will stop however and the engineers are working on a solution to this. 

Powerbook G4 * Mac OS X (10.4.11) * epson R2400 * 

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    I don't understand the problem. Adobe and every Photoshop book I've ever read warns you not to "double correct" color when printing. The advice has always been to either let PS or the print driver handle color profiles.

    Maybe in the past PSE4 could not do printer color profiles so there has no changce of doube correcting?? But the full up PS could always handle color and hence had the chance of double correcting???

    In any case PS books and videos (although maybe not PSE books) have been warning about this for many years.
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    Aug 1, 2008
    Faulty PSE6

    For Years the experts have recommended to let Adobe manage colours in all Photoshop versions but in PSE6 Adobe somehow manages to let this happens twice. they say it is happening with EPSON printers, Canon printers and possibly others. This implies they have introduced an interface problem in PSE6 with MACOSx or a bug in PSE6 when they introduced the soft proof feature.

    I do not understand why they have not fixed this. They had a similar/if not the same colour problem with the introduction of photoshop 10.0.0 and introduced an update very quickly 10.0.1.

    PSE2, 3, 4 have always been able to handle profiles and they have worked great.

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