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    Jul 22, 2010
    Hi everyone at Mac Forums!

    We at PSOFT MOBILE are very excited about the release of our new universal app, Zen Brush (in fact, so excited that we should probably do a bit of zen painting to calm down:D ).

    You can find all the details about the app on its webpage:

    Or even better, check out the demo video on YouTube

    Basically, what distinguishes this app from other painting apps is that we tried to create a zen atmosphere. We also put a lot of effort into trying to reproduce as exactly as possible the feel of using a Chinese / Japanese ink brush.

    Obvious stuff you can do with the app are "shodo" (Japanese calligraphy) or Chinese calligraphy. You can also do some traditional Asian ink painting (aka sumi-e). But nothing stops you from doing something completely different if you want (One Japanese reviewer drew a rather sweet anime-ish picture for example. See it here

    Now for some specs:
    App Features
    Background style templates (12 kinds).
    Undo function (1 time).
    Brush size adjustment slider.
    Twitter post function (through TwitPic).

    Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (Universal app).
    Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.


    Hope you like it!

    Oh! And here are some screen shots:
    iPad and iPhone.png Screenshot001.png

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