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    Psyx app is the world’s most advanced music player for iOS, powered by a fully adaptive psychoacoustic engine. Beneath Psyx’s elegant exterior is a culmination of over 170 processes, perfectly designed and tuned to deliver an unparalleled listening experience in any environment.

    We developed the Psyx app after more than a decade of research and innovation in the area of listening fatigue from causes to prevention. Compressed music causes fatigue for a number of reasons and we have identified 4 main areas of concern: Dynamics, Image Width, Artifact Management, and Articulation.

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    The Psyx app employs predictors designed to measure human response to compressed audio shortcomings. Using the human psychoacoustic system as the predictor, we have developed a real time method of measuring and perceptually shaping the compressed audio to reflect what the listener expects to (and wants to) hear.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Welcome to portable luxury audio.

    EarPrint Color Profiles
    Psyx app is usable in any environment and contains a gestalt engine that allows the listener to choose the optimum model or “color” for their application. Each color profile has been meticulously crafted in our THX Cinema Certified 10.2 Surround Sound Theater to deliver a spatially discrete, unique and inspirational listening experience. We have included 6 color profiles that will individually produce different results based on:

    1) The amount of compression in the song

    2) The era of the song

    3) The playback medium (automobiles, sound docks, soundbars, home, etc)

    4) Background environment contamination

    5) The condition of the listener's hearing

    6) The listener's expectations
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    Hi, can you provide more info please?

    1. does it play FLAC?
    2. Does it show subtitles, etc.?
    3. How do you manage the music files? itunes?

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