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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Zodiak, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. Zodiak macrumors regular

    Jun 9, 2010
    Gatineau, Qc, Canada
    Hello All,

    I've been reading ALOT of reviews and doing extensive product research. Alot of people have been complaining about smells and feel of something we all came to know as the famous PU Leather. I started thinking to myself, what IS PU Leather and after heating people talk about questionable smell and texture I started doing research. Here is what WIKI has to say about this PU Leather stuff

    What does this all mean? Well it ends up we are paying Premium Top Dollar for our ipad cases when they are made from laminated leather, considered "worthless" (by wikis definition) with glue into a biproduct that does not improve with age as genuine leather does and that is not even allowed in some countries. The only good news I see in this is that the smell is explained and seems to be a normal thing, it does dissipate after about a week.

    What do you you all think?

    Sorry if this is not the right section. This is where i thought it belonged most.
  2. Sdevante macrumors 6502

    Dec 12, 2008
    That's why I bought a Temple case made with none other than WWII vintage genuine dead cow.

  3. jeremy3721 macrumors regular

    May 29, 2010
    Yeah, maybe the companies who use real leather should just start calling it 100% dead cow. Put that on a case and I'll buy it today.
  4. w4rmk macrumors regular


    Feb 13, 2006
    I have no doubt that the Yoobao case is using this type of manufactured leather, it doesn't take an expert to tell that the material is not really top grain leather, however for the reasonable price of the case it's still quite acceptable in my opinion. The Apple case isn't leather at all and they are charging for $40 for it.
  5. cherrylovesky macrumors newbie


    Sep 26, 2010
    kunshan jiangsu province
    reply for PU leather

    you are right , the PU leather will make cost for bag and shoes down.we can supply the solvent ,methyl acetate ,shorten the dry time of the lays.

    you know methyl acetate is a solvent .And it can used in PU leather, PU adhesive, thinner, if you like can used in paint. And its boiling point is 57 degrees centigrade, and DMF boiling point is at 150 degrees centigrade, so we can mix them, and they can be azectropic mixture. Its boiling point will drop .at end we can shorten the drying time, promoting production efficiency. The better result is we can cut production line down. Moreover methyl acetate is cheaper than DMF, minimizing the cost.
  6. Adam Xuan macrumors newbie

    Dec 1, 2011
    Pu leather is not questionable

    When we talking about pu leather ,for my stand of the view(I am the sales manager of a pu leather factory),here is some issues I may want to discuss with you.
    1st,Synthetic leather can be non-toxic.Nowadays our products have passed REACH standards,so it will not hurt people's health.
    2nd,for enviromental protection.Leather is widely used in people's normal life,we pick leather shoes,leather bags,leather garments,leather sofa.If all the needs depend on the animals,you really think there are enough cows or sheeps for human to murder?
    3nd,about the questionable smell,i have to admitted that is a problem.But we can use new solvent to replace the old one.
    Anyway,I think your view is being go to extremes.Synthetic leather make a huge improve about our lifes.And if you really can't stand that you are not using a animal skin for bags,it's your choice.
  7. ReallyBigFeet macrumors 68030


    Apr 15, 2010
    You get what you pay for. $50 US is not going to buy you a high quality leather cover handcrafted with a precision fit. That's more in the $100-$150 range.
  8. fawltybean macrumors newbie

    Jan 24, 2012
    Yoobao Genuine Leather !!!! Funny

    Problem is manufacturers falsely claim these cases as no less GENUINE LEATHER. Yoobao claim "COW HIDE". They even attach a "PU Swatch" as GENUINE LEATHER. All these YouTube people doing videos TO promote them claim them as as GENUINE LEATHER too.


    True - buy Vaja and Orbino(not Toblino)... for genuine leather handcrafted cases.
  9. operative macrumors newbie

    Dec 22, 2012
    I said hey,[p]u..,get offa my cloud

    PU (cannot bring myself to say Leather in same sentence)
    Let's get one thing straight, man, best be careful.."peoplekind" have used "Dead Cow" for millenia without the need for anything sin-pathetic (ha, didn't know why I joined but I can see now it's gonna be a cool ride!)
    Warmth, clothing,handbags etc. even, yes, condoms. Can you imagine using a piece of Bi(By)cast instead? No flexibility, warmth, comfort et al.
    Main point is as I'm coming to try & sell a 100% Genuine Leather jacket on eBay, ought there not be restrictions on how/where PU is listed!! As the myriad (yes, gonna complain to eBay) of PU jackets placed for sale by Copious amounts of Far eastern Factories simply swallow up & around, in this case, my Jacket.
    I know people simply drag past All those chepo ads until the Real leather ones come into play & PU thin out. Therefore listing mine at an attractive price so as to sell will almost certainly never be seen/ then at the forced higher price, will be looked at but discounted due to it being 'too high a price.' Matter of taste when all's said n' done, But why don't you get Your Own little compartment clearly stating you're a PU sufferer & stop living off the backs of us in reflected glory.
    I guess there is a True comparison to be made, way to tell apart..PU is the equivalent of that bygone (if you remember) "Tracing paper for toilet roll In comparison to what is without doubt, Cotton rich rolls!!"
  10. kodeman53 macrumors 65816

    May 4, 2012
    PU leather was developed to placate the animal rights nuts.
  11. DarkAether macrumors regular

    May 5, 2010
    Uh, no. It was developed because it's cheaper to make vinyl in a vat than raise an animal to adulthood.
  12. TPadden macrumors 6502a

    Oct 28, 2010
    As long as I'm eating those murdered animals might as well use the skin; pass the salt ...... :D
  13. kodeman53 macrumors 65816

    May 4, 2012
    Uh, no. Leather is a byproduct of raising an animal for food, not a primary product of raising an animal. :rolleyes:
  14. DarkAether macrumors regular

    May 5, 2010
    Congratulations. You succeeded in disagreeing with a point that I didn't make.

    Whether the animal was raised primarily for food or not (not all leather is from animals raised for food), it still takes longer and costs more to raise an animal and go through all the work of preparing a hide to be used for leather than it does to mix up some chemicals - hence why you can buy pleather goods much cheaper than real leather.
  15. kodeman53 macrumors 65816

    May 4, 2012
    Silly me, I don't know how I managed to misconstrue Quote 1 to be equating mixing chemicals with raising an animal strictly as a leather source. :rolleyes:
  16. App King, Dec 27, 2012
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    App King macrumors member

    May 1, 2012
    As long as the leather is strong and protects my iPad then I am happy.

    I noticed most of the top iPad covers use pu leather.

    From a normal consumer its hard to notice the difference between the really expensive ones. The main idea is that it protects your iPad.
  17. Kouros macrumors newbie

    Mar 22, 2013
    Thank you.

    Thank you for your effort and sharing it with others.

  18. Giuly, Mar 22, 2013
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    Giuly macrumors 68040


    Buy something that is known to be genuine leather then - like a Kavaj or Jisoncase rather than something from an obscure Chinese backyard factory.
  19. unFolded macrumors newbie

    May 20, 2013
    I totally agree, Adam!

    Animal skin reminiscences are poignant, but merely retro cries that will fade and eventually disappear into the soundless past. As a race, humans are moving inexorably into an enlightened world where life is revered -- on all levels.

    Now -- as shallow me, I want to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to the awesome designers of handbags (my obsession) who are taking advantage of the explosion of possibilities inspired by PU leather!
  20. Rebecca582, Jun 12, 2013
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    Rebecca582 macrumors newbie

    Jun 12, 2013
    Dear your stuff and research very well know and i much like it PU leather jacket infect i buy this jacket before 3 days this site
  21. filmbuff macrumors 6502a


    Jan 5, 2011
    If you think PU "leather" iPad cases are bad, how about all of the car manufacturers selling "genuine leatherette seats" or "leather trimmed seating surfaces"? :rolleyes:

    This is why you do some research and get a Sena case.
  22. h4lp m3, Dec 30, 2013
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    h4lp m3 macrumors 6502

    Jun 29, 2011
    New Orleans
    PU leather is vegan

    They should put it on the label so I know what NOT to buy! I like PU leather. It's synthetic and not made from murdered cows. :D
  23. meistervu macrumors 65816

    Jul 24, 2008
    No, PU leather is NOT vegan

    It has a thin layer of leather coated with other stuffs.

    I love leather. However if I were to choose a substitute I would not consider PU leather. I bought a couple of not so cheap chairs made of PU leather and they shed their skin like a person with a bad sun burn within 4 years.

    I never like the feel of PU leather. It should be illegal to associate leather with it since there is so little leather in it.
  24. ZipZap macrumors 603

    Dec 14, 2007
    So you know the solvent smells and continue to use it?

    Is that smell non-toxic?
  25. Rocko1 macrumors 68020


    Nov 3, 2011
    It's like saying hot dogs contain 100% beef. That statement is true-since beef is cow-cow meat, cow intestines, cow tongue, cow parts. PU or bonded leather is junk. Just a way to sell at a premium.

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