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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by dwilliams1227, Jun 5, 2011.

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    I'm trying to create a website for my personal business, using iweb on mac. I don't want to publish the site to mobile me because I want my own site name without any other suffix. That is, without having the '' suffix, or any other (blogger, or wordpress). I will be using my on the site (and the name of my site has to be the same as the live email name), but I don't think msn, hotmail, or offers free domain publishing.

    I'm willing to purchase something inexpensive and legit if there isn't an option to create a free domain with no commercial suffix. I have iWeb, mobileme, and microsoft office for mac-- so I thought one of these programs would include free domain publishing.

    I'm new to website publishing, so I'd appreciate and advice or feedback.
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    Buying your own domain is not much of a chore these days. Most domain name providers allow you to FTP/SFTP into your alotted space to upload your site. Look at the stickies in the Web Design forum.
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    Get your domain from yahoo, godaddy, etc, then when you create your site in iweb, publish to your FTP site, established through your host. Once you have created your account and linked it in the iweb publish page, then it is a simple one-click publish routine through FTP to get your site up on the web.
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    Another question about iweb page designs and hyperlinks

    Thanks for the posts! Unfortunately, I’m still having trouble building my site and not yet ready to publish. I'm figuring out the basics of designing my site and having trouble working out the layout and hyperlink options.

    When choosing the template for a page or site, each template option includes a 'Blog' page (like the ‘Welcome’ and ‘About Me’, etc.). The blog page is formatted with the "Entries" listed on the left as blog links, and summaries for each post alongside on the center of the page.

    Regardless of the design, I’d like to use the ‘Blog’ template for my site without formatting new links as blog posts. That is, including ‘Entries’, which link to a new page and with the center column introducing the topic of that link..

    When I choose a blank template, I can’t figure out how construct the same format and access the “Add Entry” feature for the links. I tried copying the style of the ‘blog’ page, but the can’t past it on a new page.

    Is there a way to copy the blog template, maintaining the same layout construction, but removing the blog feature?

    Thanks again

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