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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by ursusornatus, Mar 14, 2014.

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    Mar 7, 2014
    I'm fairly new to programming, and I've run into a problem I need to figure out. I would really appreciate any tips or solutions you can offer.

    I have nearly 2000 video files currently stored on an external RAID. What I'd like to do is organize the files in an app with some simple metadata. I've found some apps that will do this by looking up metadata from an online database, but since most of the videos are fairly obscure, this isn't helpful.

    Right now, all of the files follow the same naming convention:
    I'd like for a program to associate this (and possibly other) data with the files in a simple database or organization software.

    I've been searching everywhere but I can't find software to do this. I like the uncomplicated layout of something like Chikoo (https://codingturtle.com/chikoo). The problem is that it's not very flexible, and I would have to tag all the files by hand, which would take forever.

    I posted this in the Mac apps forum, but the lack of responses makes me think I'm probably going to have to make the program I need myself.

    Any ideas about the best way to tackle this?
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    That doesn't sound like a very complicated program. It's a nice goal if you want to learn programming.
    Do you want the app or do you want to learn how to program? The first is going to cost you money (most likely), the second is going to cost you a lot of time (months most likely).
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    What if a script could extract "this (and possibly other) data" and put it into a tab-separated text-file. In that form, it could then be read into countless database or organization apps. FileMaker is one such database app:
    There are many others.

    In short, divide the problem into two separate problems:
    1. Getting the filename etc. into a usable form.
    2. Organizing and maintaining the data and metadata.

    If #1 can be done by a script that only needs to run once, then #2 can be any one of a large number of apps that organize and maintain data.

    It might be quite simple to make such a script. Or it might not. It doesn't look like a hard problem, but you haven't given real examples or details.

    t's difficult to be definitive without seeing actual examples of your actual filenames, and specific details of what other data you might want to include. In other words, if you supply actual examples, and can list specific requirements for "other data", someone here could probably advise you about the difficulty. Without such details, all anyone here can do is guess.

    Basically, your question is too vague to answer specifically. Be more specific, and the possibilities for specific answers will increase.

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