iPhone Purchase advise please


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Apr 8, 2013
^ Good choice. The XS is a better value. iOS is more secure, it is much more fluid, it has iMessage (most people in North America do not use WhatsApp and probably no one is going to download that app just to text you—so, if you went with an Android, you’d be stuck with their awful texting apps), the App Store has much more refined apps unlike the Google Play Store, and the iPhone has better resale value.

I had a Galaxy S8+ for six months and it was awful. I don’t know how I managed to use that phone for six months. I was happy-crying when I replaced it with an iPhone (I took a financial hit but it was worth it).

I’m only considering an Android again because iPhone prices have gotten so ridiculously high, but I’ll most likely bite the bullet and purchase an iPhone because I just don’t trust Androids. The Pixel is the only Android phone I would consider.
I bite the bullet and purchase because no one else’s is making the a full suite of devices like Apple that work seamlessly together.

However I don’t think android phones on their own are bad. A lot of them are very capable and compelling. I just prefer iOS and Apple ecosystem.

I owned the note 8 and S9 plus for about 3 months each. If I had to use either as my daily driver I could. It wouldn’t be a horrible experience, just not the one I prefer.


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Oct 8, 2009
Note 9 at this moment should cost 2/3 the price of xs. Note 9 is better overall.
Yes it does look nice. But I just can’t stand Samsung. Wife has a Samsung s9 and other than setting it up on the first day don’t even look at her phone. For some reason I don’t like touchwiz and all the other junk their OS comes with.
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Feb 22, 2015
TouchWiz has come a long way. Some Samsung apps are handy. But just taking up storage if not used.

And it works. Better Settings and Notifications generally. The S9 is too narrow for me so went S9+ along with... Note 9. It, Android with Oreo does things I just cannot do on my iPhone X. Didn't use to be that way .

It does take time. There are two excellent Kindle books to learn more. But first month was a struggle and very frustrating. AOD, Edge panel, stylus on Note. 3rd party launcher . Desktop your way. Still waiting on Apple to do something?

No bloat? Pixel or Essential are plain vanilla boring.

Tig Bitties

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Sep 6, 2012
Yeah I would recommend the OnePlus 6T. For the price it can't be beat, and blows that lame iPhone XR out of the water. The XR should be like $399 it's just not worth more