Purchased a 450 Mhz G4 Cube for 12 bucks!!!!(needs power supply)

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by punkmac, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. punkmac macrumors regular

    Jan 27, 2004
    I was very happy to find a G4 Cube at my local thrift store for 12 bucks!

    It needs a power supply, (around a hundred bucks?) In the meantime I took the RAM out of the Cube it had 3 sticks 2 64MB and 1 128MB. I needed it for a Ruby iMac I've been meaning to update. Installed Jaguar 10.2 and iLife '04. I'm actually using it right now.

    Now I would like to have all my machines online. I have a hardwired iMac g4 sharing with Airport to my Macbook.

    I guess I need a router....Can I hook the 2 iMacs up and still share with the Macbook?

    I would like not to have to pick up a original Airport card(expensive) for the Ruby.

    So 2 questions....Where to pick up a power supply for the cube and what's the best way to have all the machines online?

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    May 4, 2002
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    Wow great find on the G4 cube! :D The G4 Cube Power Supply I see one on eBay for a little over $100, you can check it out here.

    To have all of your Macs online on the same network you can look into getting a router, or better yet a wireless router. A wireless router will have four ethernet ports for your wired computers (and a WAN port for your Cable/DSL modem) also the router will have a wireless antenna so it can share your network (including the internet) to your MacBook. This would provide an easy solution to having all of your computers hooked up. :)

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