Purchased AAC / Protected AAC (more than "what's the diff?")

Discussion in 'iPod' started by aoisenshi, May 19, 2009.

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    May 17, 2009
    Okay, so here's how it goes.

    My friend loaned me his MacBook Pro while he's on a backpacking trip. I'm taking this opportunity to transfer songs I like from his iTunes to mine. The problem is that he buys most of his music (like a good boy). I have a program that converts m4p files to mp3 (old version of Switch) and tested it on my MacBook Pro first. I successfully converted a song that I bought from the iTMS to mp3 and was able to transfer it to his computer and play it there. Then I tried the same thing with one of his purchased songs but when I played it on my computer, I got the the file and it had the correct length and stuff but I didn't hear anything! I check the file type and whenever I download a song I get a "Purchased AAC audio file" but whenever I buy songs on his computer (I was told to), I get a "Protected AAC audio file!" I don't have iTunes plus by the way.

    What's going on / how can I transfer his purchased "Protected AAC" files to my MBP without burning a CD?

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    Feb 9, 2008
  3. aoisenshi thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 17, 2009
    Aww, well, can you tell me why I buy a "Purchased AAC" and my friend's MBP buys a "Protected AAC?" Is iTunes confused and think I have iTunes Plus for some reason? Just curious...
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    iTunes only sells "Purchased AAC" (aka iTunes Plus aka m4a) music at this time. You can't buy "Protected AAC" anymore. You can move iTunes Plus music from computer to computer just like any other file.

    The older protected files (m4p) are designed to only be playable on up to five authorized computers. Your friend would need to authorize your computer with his information to play the songs directly. The easiest workaround to remove the protection is to burn them to CD and rip them back into your preferred format.
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    May 17, 2009
    Aawwhhh! Thanks... For some reason I was just checking the song that I bought today against the same song on his MPB which he probably bought a while ago.

    Man, I just failed at reasoning. I'm ashamed...
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