Purchased new Mac Mini - No Tiger Included.


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May 10, 2005
Well I am very disappointed, I purchased a new Mac Mini yesterday and Tiger was not supplied. Instead the old 10.3. So once again it is another licence off our family pack that we have to use. Annoyed as I stipulated to the individual in the store that I wanted Tiger. Anyhow, just curious as to where on our family pack I can find iDVD ?


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Are you sure?

I bought my brother a Mac mini last week and there was 10.3 (Panther) installed, but...

The box also contained the DVD for 10.4 (Tiger) and the installation CDs for Panther including iLife, not as separate CD, but as an additional folder/installer called "Bundled Software"(?). It took me a while to find all the applications.

So have a look through all the stuff delivered with your Mac mini.