Purchasing advice for new Mac Pro (re: Display)

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by k1037, Jan 16, 2008.

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    Jun 24, 2007
    Yes, like a dozen other people, I have a question related to what sort of display, etc. to get with my new Mac Pro. And no... none of the other threads (I read at least 2 dozen) really answers my question as much as I'd like.

    So... I'm getting a new Mac Pro within the next 24 hours (too antsy to wait any longer!). It'll be through the ADC Hardware Purchase Program (everything is approx 20% cheaper), so I'm getting good prices on most everything. I'm thinking either a 2.8 or 3.0 ghz 8-core, with the stock 2gb memory and hard drive, etc. Only upgrades would be the graphics card, wireless options, and adding AppleCare.

    For a 3.0ghz setup, that gets me up to $3,328.00.

    My main question is whether or not I should get the 30" ACD along with it for an additional $1619. I'm going to end up getting a high-quality display that's around that size, but I wanted to know if there was anything else that tops the quality but would be cheaper. Quality meaning colors, contrast, brightness, sharpness/clarity, etc.
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    id recommend the 2.8Ghz Octo-Core that way you have some spare change left over towards ram upgrades and so fourth.
    So with the ADC 20% thats 2239.20 + Wireless + GFX Card Upgrade + AppleCare + the 1439$ 30" Display (it should be that price with the 20% discount)

    the 3.0ghz model really doesnt have much an increase performance as it sounds like, more bragging number rights, a 2.8ghz octo core would be insanely futuristic and a computing machine that will definitely hold up longer than any previous Mac Desktop (longer than the 3-year lifespan given to them) and will not be out of date anytime soon. (unless of course there is a magical FSB upgrade and 16cores comes out in the next 5 years)

    im looking at a 30" display with my ADC discount aswell...i think i can hold off and see if any adjustments are made to the site this week if not ill plop it down on one.

    im much rather opting for the ACD because, YES they are alittle old (the last update was in 2006) however I know what they look like, i know how the react andhow they handle my work...so im better going with something i know is reliable and osmething that fits my needs instead of trying thenewer models of XYZ Company compared to a known good device such as the ACD.



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