Purchasing iPad for the first time: Which iPad version should I get


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May 20, 2009
Here is what I do:

I already have an iPhone with AT&T
I will use the iPad in the office and at home
I will take it most places I visit and travel
I already have a gps in the car and in the iPhone
I play games on iPhone and plan to on iPad but don't install too many. I uninstall them a while later when I am bored
I like to create content on my iPhone and plan to do the same on my iPhone
I like the consume content a lot. Use a lot of apps like Feedly and Flipboard
I don't really do facebook but use twitter, google+ and pinterest a lot
I always try out the latest and greatest apps.
I do a lot of photography and if the software is powerful enough I will do it on iPad but I like to use lightroom for my DSLR photos
I don't have a lot of MP3 files I use streaming software, same goes for Movies
I love comic books and have a lot of CBR files (action comics, archie, old school, asterix, tintin)
I did not buy a Kindle but I have alot of pdf files I want to read. Most are online, some are offline

here are my options:

16 gb wifi (already have this, will cancel if needed)
32 gb wifi
16 gb 4G

Price cuts me off of 32 gb 4G


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Mar 19, 2011
I had a 32gb ipad 2 but very rarely went past 15gb, mainly from photos and applications. some of these photos were from my DSLR though thats why they were so large. This time around i decided to save the 100$ because now with icloud i never save anything directly to the ipad

For the average user, 16gb is enough, the only reason i can see you needing more is for those RAW images


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Feb 17, 2010
I got the 32 when I bought the iPad 1, 2, and now for the 3rd gen I ordered. Seems to be the sweet spot for me. I store more things in dropbox or other cloud based apps, but it is nice to have the space to put a season of a show or something on it when I am traveling out of wifi coverage. Also, with the 1080p video and higher rez camera files they will be taking up a bit more space if you're planning on using them frequently.

Actual Size

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Feb 24, 2011
Just from the photography point of view I'd say get the 32gb Wi-Fi. It's better to have too much room than not enough. IMO


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Aug 12, 2011
Johnson City, NY
I was going to get the 16GB but with the retina display, higher resolution movies mean more space needed. So I went with 32GB since after iOS is installed, you are only really left with 14GB or so.


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Jun 21, 2010
This being my first iPad as well, I went for the 32GB Wi-Fi model.
16 seemed like not enough, 64 seemed like overkill, and I didn't like how the $750 price tag looked in the cart :D


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Jul 5, 2009
Get as much storage as you can afford first. IMO, 16 GB, especially as you plan to use it, will be a major headache. Remember, you don't have access to the full amount so that limits you even further. I'm not a huge app hoarder but do have quite a bit, including a few larger games (bought on sale for a rainy day ;)) and I've used 20 GB just for apps. Now I have a 64 GB model so I can just leave 'em on my iPad but having to constantly shuffle apps based on available memory will get tiresome fast.

j o s h

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Mar 11, 2011
The places you visit, do they have wi-fi? Or, how long will you be out of wi-fi? I have a 32gb wifi iPad2 (which has 28.5gb usable space btw) and an iPhone 4s; I travel quite often but have wi-fi in the hotel, workplace, etc. I load up/sync content the morning before I head out and do the same when wi-fi is available. The times I wish my iPad had 3G is less than the $130 upgrade is worth for me.

Use Dropbox and get LogMeIn. Dropbox lets you "favorite" files that will stay downloaded on the iPad; LogMeIn will allow you to connect to your computer when on wi-fi.