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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Batman89, Oct 16, 2014.

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    One of my family member's has a contract with T-Mobile, so his minutes/texts and data usage are paid for, but he's got a crappy (no offense) old Android phone and I want to purchase an iPhone 6 as a gift.

    I'm a Verizon customer so I'm clueless as to how T-Mobile operates. I'd like to purchase the phone off contract for him (should make things easier), how does T-Mobile's payment system work?

    I know there's a "no money down" option, but can I voluntarily put down around $200 for the device and go from there? Would that lower the monthly payments on the device? Obviously with his plan taken care of by his company, I would only be responsible for monthly payments on the device itself, until it is fully paid off, correct?

    And if I am able to put down $200 on the device itself, or maybe even $300, what would the monthly payments be?
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    got to the T-mobile web page,,, there are various co-pays depending on what size ip6 you want, i.e., 16G, 64G, or 128G
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    Apple offers $0-down 0% APR financing options on their online store - Barclay and PayPal Credit (formerly Bill Me Later). I'd go that route instead of T-Mobile financing.
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    You'll have to go to a T-Mobile store (with the person who has the account), to get the phone.

    For the iPhone 6 it's:
    $0 down, $27.08/mo for 24 months 16GB
    $99 down, $27.08/mo for 24 months 64GB
    $199 down, $27.08/mo for 24 months 128GB

    If you want to put down more than the required amount then just subtract the amount you put down from the full retail price and divide the remaining balance by 24 to calculate what the monthly payments would be.

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