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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by iLive an iLife, Aug 13, 2013.

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    Hello Everyone!!

    I had a pretty terrible experience with the case company Pure Gear. I understand that not all interactions are always 100% great and businesses deserve a second chance, but I still wanted to share my experience.

    I ordered the DualTek case from Amazon in Yellow/Black. My phone fit a little loose in the case but I still really liked the construction and durability aspects (the corners are reinforced by small rubber pads). I got the case for $10, so I think that was well worth the price. I'd probably equate the size close to that of the Defender.

    I also ordered the PX260 case directly from Pure Gear. This case was a "Weather Resistant" case that has 6 hexagon screws, a screen protector and covers for all ports. I was looking for an alternative to a Lifeproof case because I didn't really want to shell out $80-90. When I first logged onto their website at the end of June, it said the case was "Available Now" but the individual product page said "coming July 1st." On July 2nd, I log on looking to order the case and it wasn't available. I continued to check back that week and the case still isn't available (while all the dates still point to the 1st). Over a week later they release the case and I place my order. I was suppose to receive an email confirmation whenever the case shipped - a week goes by and no email (at this point I was planning on canceling my order). I log on into my account and the case had shipped a few days later. It finally arrives and I couldn't wait to open it up and get it on my precious iPhone. Pop open the box and pull out the case only to find there was something wrong with the case and it wouldn't screw together all the way (there were large gaps around the sides obviously voiding out the "Weather Resistance"). I immediately logged onto their website to figure out how I could start the exchange process. I send an email to customer service. I'm not sure the volume of emails they receive on a daily basis or the number of employees responding to these emails, but my first message took 6 days to get a reply. It took a over 2 weeks before the return process even really started. My case wasn't packed with a pre-paid return label and authorization form. It then took 12 days for them to mail me a new label. The rep was suppose to send the label out via US Mail on July 24 and by August 1st I still hadn't received it. At this point, I reached out to their Facebook team for additional help. Whoever handles their social media was extremely responsive and was a huge help getting me squared away. They processed my credit card refund and sent me a confirmation number (but no credit had appeared on my card). Sometime within the 3 weeks I've been dealing with this company, it was brought to their attention that all of the PX260 cases were defective and didn't screw together properly (so sending the case back was a non-issue). I get an email 2 days ago saying that I will be getting a new case in the mail no later than Friday and this one will be free from error. I then had to reach out to their Facebook team again to confirm I was getting refunded and not getting a replacement case. As of now, I have a refund on my credit card that is pending for the full price of the case and their Facebook team offered to send me out a free case since I had so many problems (I appreciated the gesture but all I wanted was a refund). If anyone is interested in dealing with this company - I would not recommend going through them directly (opt for another alternative - such as Amazon or a certified 3rd party). I'm not sure if all of their Customer Service interactions are like this, but I wanted to share my experience and hope that it doesn't happen to anyone else.

    I'm still on the prowl for the perfect case. Hopefully I find it sooner rather than later.
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    Thanks. Although, I can't claim that I read all of that.

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