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    With so many people trying on the watch & giving great feedback, I've seen a lot of people talk about the watch sizes, specifically about how 38mm is too small for a man, meant for a woman. I wanted to talk about the individual purpose of the :apple:Watch.

    I'm 24 male, with a fairly small wrist. I pre-ordered the 38mm. I haven't tried it on yet, but I'm still pretty solid in my decision even after seeing all the pictures and reading everyone's thoughts, & its only because of what I intend to use the watch for. I do like big watches, but I don't think THIS watch needs to be a big watch. To be honest, I don't think this watch would really work for anyone sporting a big face.

    To me, the watch is meant to be a companion, a device to make quick actions a possibility. For that, I would like integrating it in my life a breeze, & the immersion to be so solid that it would feel like I've had it all my life. I want it to be a true extension of my wrist, like I grew it or something lol.

    That would only happen for me if I'm wearing something that's not always apparently on my wrist, but would only feel like I'm wearing it when I need to use it. When I'm running, biking, working, even just watching TV or a movie, I want something that's almost unnoticeable until I get that tap. The only times I would prefer a big face would be for a dinner with colleagues, or when I'm networking, even when I'm at a club or something. Any other time, I would prefer the smaller face.

    That's why I was drawn to the 38mm. It would seem like a sleeker, less abrupt, close quarters fit, & that's exactly what uI would need. Idk, it maybe its just me, but does anyone else feel the same? If not, then why?
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    Just make sure you try it in-store. If you ordered one size, then learn you rather have the other, just change your order (of course it delays shipping, but who cares).
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    If you have smaller wrist like me, check out my thread. It had pics of the 38mm. I hope that makes you feel better. Both watches look smaller in person than I think anyone expected. Once on, they both look fine though.

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