Push notifications on airplane/wifi mode

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by vistadude, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. vistadude macrumors 65816

    Jan 3, 2010
    I'm planning on getting a windows phone or android phone to replace my iphone 3G. Of course, pretty much none of these have espn scorecenter push alerts, and possibly not google voice push sms notifications. If I put my iphone in airplane mode with wifi, how delayed will the push alert be? Will my iphone periodically cycle the wifi on to check for notifications?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. webvan macrumors member

    Oct 22, 2009
    Well wifi stays on with iOS4 but push doesn't work in airplane mode...and the "phone" toggle in SBSsettings doesn't work anymore with 4.2.1
  3. xraydoc macrumors demi-god


    Oct 9, 2005
    I don't know anything about Windows Phone 7, but Android's Google Voice app fully supports push GV SMS messages.

    GV on Android is much more integrated than on the iPhone; there's no separate dialer for making calls from your GV number versus the cellphone's actual number. Several other options. It's quite nice.

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