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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Alchematron, Apr 11, 2010.

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    PushMail is an application that sends notifications to iPhones and iPod Touches when you receive emails. The application lets you register a username for the dopushmail.com domain. Upon successful registration, all email sent to yourusername@dopushmail.com will trigger the push of a notification to your device with the sender, the subject and a snippet of the body of the email.

    You do not need to give away your email account password to get this to work. And, by setting up simple rules, you can choose which emails you want to receive a notification for. And you can do that from as many accounts as you want. And it will work "forever": PushMail is a one off payment, no recurring fees.
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    $3 for push email seems alot better than the $100 for MobileMe. I know MM has other features but push email would be one of the main selling points of it. If this is legitimately going to give you push email with no troubles for just $3 I'm surprised Apple let it through into the App Store.
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    I've used PushMail on my iPhone for about a year and also have it on my iPad. I love it. You can make up customizable actions based upon content of the mail. So, Google Voice messages I have it take me to the GV site, voicemails to my Vz home phone I have take me to that site, and all other messages I have it do nothing. Well worth the money.

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