Putting a rogers sim card in an iPhone,

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    Oct 7, 2008
    i have a Motorola Razr v31 and i have 2 years on my contract. my phone is broken and i am getting an iphone used. i believe it is unlocked. i would like to know if i can put the SIM card (rogers) into the iphone, and if not unlocked how can i do so? anyone help please?
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    Feb 14, 2008
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    Putting A sim card in a Rogers phone

    You can easily put the card in but make sure you have a data plan or your bill will go through the roof. When I bought my iPhone , The sim out of my old phone slipped right in. Once again just confirm you have a data plan as the charges through Rogers will be very expensive.
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    it will work as long as it is unlocked, just make sure you do not restore or update, otherwise you will have to unlock it again.
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    but if you get your iphone and its not unlocked how do you unlock it ? help please
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    Read the stickies and the guides on these forums for all the info and software you need.

    Just to shorten your research:
    1. If your phone is on firmware 2.2.1 your only option is to buy a piggy-back SIM, or wait a few months
    2. If it's on 2.2.0 or earlier then follow the guides to unlock it with YellowSn0w

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