Putting old data on a new iMac

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Morod, Nov 9, 2017.

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    Hi everybody,
    I have an older iMac that’s stuck on El Cap, so it’s about time to get a new iMac. I back up all my data to an external drive using both Time Machine and Super Duper.

    Here’s the question: When I get the new iMac, how do I transfer all my old stuff (music, photos, documents, etc.) to the new iMac? I’d rather not pay a Genius to do something that’s probably not very hard. Any help with this would be very much appreciated!

    Bonus question: I work at Nordstrom so I get a small discount on the online Apple Store. Any idea if I would get the same discount at a brick and mortar Apple Store?

    Thanks again.
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    Easy step-by-step guide right here:

    1. Get the new iMac. Unbox it, set it up, but DO NOT TURN IT ON yet.
    2. Go to your OLD iMac. Hook up your SuperDuper backup drive and run SD one last time.
    3. Take the cloned backup drive to the NEW iMac and connect it.
    4. Now, boot the new iMac for the first time
    5. Begin the setup process. At the appropriate moment, the setup assistant will ask if you wish to migrate data from an older Mac or drive.
    6. "Point" setup assistant at your cloned backup drive.
    7. You need to select what you wish to bring over. I'd suggest all the choices.
    8. Then... let setup assistant "do its thing". It may take a little while.
    9. When its done, the new iMac should present you with a login/desktop screen that is just like "the old one was".
    10. You will have to spend some time trying your old apps. Not all of them may work. Some may need updates, etc.

    Are you still using iPhoto? Or Photos?
    IF you are still using iPhoto, you need to hunt down and install the LAST VERSION of iPhoto, which is "9.6.1". It might be difficult to get from Apple.
    If you can't get it from Apple, there are (cough... choke) "other ways" to get it...
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    Thank you, Fishrrman! :)
    I have Photos 1.5
    I will keep your instructions for possible future use too!
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    Yes, you should get a discount at a real-world Apple store. It isn't much, but it''s something. Bring something to prove you work there (like a business car and driver's license; or, a photo-badge). The discounts are nearly nothing on core products, like phones and computing devices. Better on accessories.

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