Putting recoverd backup files back into iphone

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  1. Deasy macrumors member

    Jun 27, 2010
    Hi folks, 8.4 came out, upgraded and jailbroke it.

    I did back it up as usual, but did not restore cos there is so much junk i barely had any space after jailbreak, and adding apps etc.

    So i installed iBackup Viewer. Iv been able to extract some things that i wanted like, photos, whatsapp and kik chat history, game save info. safari bookmarks. The game save info's is just i can hopefully get back to the point in these puzzle games from where i was, not from the start

    Now what im struggling with is putting these back onto the iphone. I have ifile, but im not entirely sure what file path/location im meant to put these few folder back into;

    Final brickwall im at is that i have cydia tweak 'Phantom'. I can see the saved pics in backup viewer, and the program says its saving them to my computer, but theyre not, apart from a couple which is no use. So any ideas on that problem? (hidden files/folders are shown)

  2. Apple06 macrumors member

    Feb 24, 2012
    Since iOS 8.3 they've made it hard to put files back into the phone. The approach I'ved used is to work with the backup files. I've used iBackupBot (free version) i believe and inject the files into the backup and do a restore back to the phone.

    Do at own risk (not sure what issues could arise)

    Steps in general terms:
    1) Open old backup in any viewer and extract what you need for transfer.
    2) Install all the apps that you want on your new phone setup that you want to transfer data to.
    3) Backup new phone setup (and make a copy incase issues with modifying the backup).
    4) Open new phone backup and replace files extracted from Step 1.
    5) Restore from modified backup.

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