Putting Video on my iPhone?????

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    Jun 15, 2009
    guys, i'm trying to take DVD movies that i already own (in other words: video not purchased on iTunes) and get them on my iphone. how would i do this? would i use Toaster? i have a lot of material that i own that is on DVD and i'm trying to get it to my iPhone, and if i need to buy an Iphone touch to better accomodate this stuff, i will... mostly because i have lessons, etc that i would like to view portably.

    what's the most time efficient best way to do this? to get this material on my iPhone or if i need to buy an Ipod...?

    thank you!
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    Use the iPhone preset in Handbrake which you can get from handbrake.fr. You'll also need VLC Player to be able to decrypt the DVDs, as Handbrake uses VLC to do so, but they should solve your problem.
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