Puzzled about which camera to get.

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by weazle1098, Nov 14, 2006.

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    I've been wanting to get a nice digital for a while, preferably a DSLR. I've been using a a little point and shoot for a while, when I'm at home that is. Here at school I actually have borrowed my friends point and shoot. However, as everyone knows there is only so much you can do with that, and I've wanted to be able to have more control. Though, I'm very much an amatuer I would still be interested in a DSLR because I think it would last me a while as well. But, more too the point, the cameras I've been looking at were initially the Fuji S5200, which is the cheap "SLR-like" one, I've also looked at the Canon Rebel XT and the Nikon D50. I really like the Canon Rebel, but I'm not quite sure yet, I've looked at the forums around here and people seem to really like the D50.

    One last thing, I've found both the Cannon Rebel and the D50 on an Ebay store with like ending bids of like a quarter to a third of the price. Good or bad idea? I don't deal with Ebay a lot so I'm not sure how legit the stores are.
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    I would highly recommend the Rebel XT or the D50. If you think you might want to become more serious about photography as opposed to the casual snapshot shooter, a DSLR is a great idea. It will allow you to grow with it as you improve your technique. Go to a store and handle each camera and decide which you prefer. The controls should feel logical and the body should be comfortable! If you expect to make photography a serious hobby down the road, it may also pay to look at the lens systems from the two companies to see what each offers, although Canon and Nikon both offer a full selection of lenses to meet pretty much anyone's needs.

    Don't be suckered into camera deals that seem to good to be true, especially on eBay. It also seems that SLR cameras are common bait for scams more than other electronic devices. I think the going price for the XT body is around $500-$600 these days.
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    If you want a camera with a bit more control than a general point and shoot, those "bridging" cameras are supposed to be fantastic. I've heard nothing but good things about the Canon ones, and lots of people like their Fujis as well.

    I'm not discouraging you from getting a DSLR, but it really depends on your budget. Be prepared to spend a lot more money if you buy a DSLR.

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