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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by DaveP, Nov 14, 2005.

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    Mar 18, 2005
    Hey Guys,
    (a bit of background in case you are interested) I am a reasonably proficient programmer, but have only been using XCode and Obj C for the past half a year of so to create a tool for my Master's degree thesis.

    Anyways, on a few occasions I have had cases where nested message passes/function calls do not work (either compile or run-time errors), but when I break things up it works. Usually nesting is no problem, but occasionally it happens. I usually assume I am just doing something wrong that I can't figure out. Here is an example: (basically, transition is an instance of an object with a variableResets member array which I want to add an object, variableReset)

    (broken up)
    NSMutableArray* arr = [transition variableResets];
    [arr addObject:variableReset];
    [transition setVariableResets:arr];

    (one line)
    [transition setVariableResets:[[transition variableResets] addObject:variableReset]];

    The one line version gives me a compile error of "invalid use of void function." Both setVariableResets and addObject are void functions, but I can't see how either are being used incorrectly. And variableResets does return a mutable array, but I am guessing that it somehow has to do with something like that.

    It's probably some sort of simple thing that I am just overlooking or unaware of, but maybe someone knows what the error is. And I'll stress that I really don't care about having to break it up, but it really puzzles me as to why?
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    Feb 5, 2004
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    [[transition variableResets] addObject:variableReset]
    does not return anything, so when you use the code:

    [transition setVariableResets:[[transition variableResets] addObject:variableReset]];
    there is an error because you are using a non-existent value as a parameter. Breaking it up, your code is equivalent to:

    id returnValue = [[transition variableResets] addObject:variableReset]; //Error, as there is no return value
    [transition setVariableResets:returnValue];
    Here it is a bit more clear what the problem is.

    As a sidenote, you shouldn't need to call -setVariableResets anyway. When you send the variableResets message to transition, you are returned a pointer to the array it uses, not a copy. Therefore, when you change the array, the array transition uses is also changed. The following code should do what you want:

    [[transition variableResets] addObject:variableReset];
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    Mar 18, 2005
    Yep, that would do it. I knew it had to be something dumb. Thank you very much. And you are correct, I am miss-using pointers.

    (That's one thing that is annoying about Cocoa/Obj C. Not many/any people I know use it so I can't just turn to a friend and do the "hey, I'm an idiot. why doesn't this work" about once a week. Oh well.)

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