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I have been using a username/password storage program for all my info, but have managed to lose the program and can not remember the name. I would like to carry on using the program as I still have the relevant file, but trolling through all the password manager programs, I have not recognised it.

The file extension is ??????.pwm if anybody could help please.



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Jan 6, 2013
password dragon

I downloaded password dragon to my iMac
I enter some info and saved a file with .pwm extension
When I try to retrieve it, a message prompts that I don't have an app to open it.
My kids play Minecraft on this computer, and I imagine I do have Java, but I wen to the read me file and tried to download Java.
A prompt says I need OX 10.7.3, I have OX 10.8 in my system.
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