Pwnage + iPhone 3.0.1???

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by northy124, Aug 22, 2009.

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    Nov 18, 2007
    Hey guys,

    I was wondeirng if I can use Pwnage to jailbreak with iPhone1,2_3.0.1_7A400_Restore as that I what I have now on my iPhone. I do have iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore as well but I don't think I can downgrade can I???

    IDK can I jailbreak iPhone 3.0.1 or can I downgrade to iPhone 3.0?

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    Aug 30, 2007
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    AFAIK Pwnage won't do 3.0.1 you have to use Redsn0w.

    But you CAN jailbreak 3.0 essentially downgrading your phone which I have done. iTunes kept telling me there's an update but I just ignored it. I re-jailbroke my phone with redsn0w to 3.0.1 the other day.

    Pwnage builds a new FW for the phone whereas rensn0w actually modifies the current FW on the phone. You will still need a copy of the 3.0 FW to jailbreak 3.0.1 but if your phone has 3.0.1 FW on it, redsn0w will jailbreak it.

    If you want to use Pwnage you'll end up with 3.0 FW on the phone.
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    Nov 18, 2007
    How does redsn0w work?

    On a side note, will I lose my progress in app's like World War and others if I restore? as I have done quite well with World War and I don't want to lose it all :) or does the back-up preserve everything (I know it backs up contacts and the like :) )?

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