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    Feb 17, 2010
    My MacBook started to run hot and i saw that my printer was taking up 94% of the CPU. Something was trying to print. But since i didn't have my printer connected, it did work. The thing is I didn't ask it to print anything!!

    So, I force quit the process via activity monitor and after a few hours, it started back again. And every few hours it kept doing it. So i finally deleted the printer it was sending to, since i have 4 printers installed.

    After that, it sent to the other one, and the other one, until i deleted all my printers. However, before deleting the printers, i saw what job trying to run, it said that MY USERNAME initiated the job and the file was called

    So, I delete all my printers. And now there is a new process cgfdtopdf.... Which i'm assuming it's trying to make a PDF file because there is no printer....

    Is this a virus??
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    Well, we can rule out a virus, because there are no viruses on OSX

    So we have to look elsewhere for an explanation of what happened

    Have you downloaded and installed any new software lately?
    Anything that required you to enter your administrator's password?

    A .ps should be a postscript file

    Have you been working with anything that generates postscript?
  3. pratikpatel thread starter macrumors newbie

    Feb 17, 2010

    this could have helped diagnosis, but i forgot to take down the ROOT and USER for the process.... When it comes up again, I will do that and post it on here.

    Thanks in advance if anyone comes up with something.

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