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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Telp, Jan 11, 2013.

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    I am taking a python class in university and I am trying to not have to install windows on my computer if I can help it. The problem I am having is finding a complete python environment, not one that just runs through the terminal. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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    If you're after something free you could try Eclipse or Netbeans with the relevant Python plugins.

    Alternatively there's JetBrains PyCharm which is a competent Python-only IDE but costs money, although they do have a student license which isn't a massive amount of money ($29).
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    I know you're probably trying to avoid the terminal, but there really is very little you ever have to do in the terminal with Python development. I just finished a Python course using Sublime Text to write my code, and then for basic programs the editor has built in support to run the program and display the output without ever leaving the editor (cmd + B I believe).

    For programs that needed input, you need to run from the terminal. But I always just kept a terminal window running in the directory of my code and then it was a matter of typing "python" once, and every subseqent time I could just hit the up arrow and enter to run it again.

    This workflow was much quicker for me (since Sublime is so small) than using one of the big IDEs that lose a lot of their functionality when they're used for Python (since Python doesn't regularly need all those features).

    Edit: I also would say that if you are looking for an IDE solution, look into PyCharm as mentioned by the above commentor. I haven't used it, but I use JetBrains' WebStorm and I'm absolutely in love.

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