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  1. macblackbook macrumors newbie

    Jun 27, 2006
    Hi all,,

    I have a blackmacbook and i'm a new mac user. Macs definitely look nicer than any pc but lack features that pc have. I have a few questions. If you have a response of 'research it' don't bother to respond at all and rather i suggest you grumps should cool off with some bengay because i'm apparently here to do the 'research'.
    1) What happen to WMV files? I can't play them on windows media player or the other flip program on this.
    2) What's a suitable RAM for gaming? Is 1.25 gb enough?
    3) Why are yahoo mess. and msn messenger 2-3 years old without any updates? They don't like macs?
    4) Is there a voice communication applications or chatrooms for mac? because yahoo mess. and msn messenger for mac both are primitive versions which don't have the voice features that they have in pc. I would have considered a sony if i knew these programs were not going to be updated...
    i have no clue where to test my internal mic..ichat is apparently not free.
    Thanks for your responses.
    (i'm new here , the other mac forum i saw there were some grumpy men responding to others..so I hope they aren't here)
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    Aug 24, 2003
    get amsn for msn it allowed video ect.

    you pretty much have to install ram in pairs otherwise video performance drops some 20-40%, thus 512MB 1GB or 2GB are your options, get ram from newegg it's like 80 bucks a stick.
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    Just a thought - it may help if you would be more polite, instead of yelling at us for another site's rudeness.

    1.) Flip4Mac has an Intel Mac beta out, if you can track it down. I can't post a link here because it isn't technically a public beta, but you can find it with a little work.

    2.) You'll probably want to go either 1GB (2x512) or 2GB (2x1024) - dual channel is pretty essential with integrated graphics.

    3.) Nope, they basically don't like Macs. Like the previous poster suggested, get amsn.

    4.) iChat is most certainly free - why would you think it isn't?
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    Jan 5, 2006
    iChat comes with your computer, but the .Mac subscription is not free. However all you need is AIM to use it for free.
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    Jun 27, 2006
    Sorry for my preemptive strike. Some people responded others in a thread in an arrogant "i know it already, you wasted my time, so you should research it" manner so I was just telling those type of people to buzz off. Thanks for your responses. They're helpful
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    You can sign up for the free trail of .Mac, thus getting a screen name for iChat. After the 60 day trail has ended, your screen name is still usable in iChat (for free).

    However, it's best just to use your AIM screen name so you can chat with others on AIM.
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