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    I may have missed this someone in here (if so I'm sorry to hash out the same ground over again)...


    If I have multiple mac's in my household... will I have to purchase multiple copies of Lion? Is there some kind of option to pass it from computer to computer within a limited window of time or something?

    Again I'm sorry if someone else already covered this.. or if I'm completely daft and it's been all over the news, but I haven't seemed to have come across anything that specifically addresses this.
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    Hey! I'm newbie in here and this is my first post.. But I want to try to help you give some more info about Lion. In some forum that I went into, I read that You also can MAKE THE BACKUP DVD from Lion image that you've downloaded from App Store.. But, don't try to pirate it okay... In case you forgot your email may be, you can create that bootable DVD...

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