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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Greenone, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. Greenone macrumors 6502

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    I've done this, so my home screen will be clutter-free and also so I can have an image on there that I like, without the icons covering it up. I see that I can also move the bottom icons too - the main ones within the bottom horizontal bar e.g. safari, phone, messaging, etc.

    My question is: how does one also hide the horizontal bar (strip of grey color) that's left after the icons have been moved from said bar to the 'hidden' page? I can see online that there are plenty of pictures showing photos or images on the home screen (or at least I assumed it was the home screen?) in which that bottom horizontal bar isn't there and the image takes up the whole screen and looks really nice, e.g. the purple flower on black background when they introduced the phones.

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    Are you confusing the home screen and the lock screen?

    The dock can't be moved or disabled.
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    The dock and other homescreen or lockscreen elements cannot be removed or replaced on a stock phone, only a jailbroken one. This currently cannot be done on iOS 8; for other iOS versions, you can check the jailbreak section of the forum for details.
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    Damn...uh yeah, I am. And duh - it's the dock - lol. That bar thingie. It's kind of a pain that they gave us the option of moving all the icons including those in the dock to the next screen, but then we have to keep staring at the dock. Even on my laptop we can hide the dock. Oh well - maybe in a software update at some point. 1/5 world problem. :D


    Thank you.
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    Forgive me for the personal question, but how, exactly, have you been an MR member since 2005 and you don't know that you can't toggle on/off the home row on iOS?:eek:

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