Q: "Scosche MagicGrip Freeflow Wireless Charging Vent Mount"


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May 11, 2007
I currently have an iPhone 6s that I use in my car with a magnetic vent mount. That's been the best solution for me: with dash mounts, the suction cups don't stick (dash is textured), and I don't want to use adhesive. My windshield is steeply raked so a windshield mount would put the phone too far away, and conversely my cupholders are too low and close to me to be useful. I use the phone for navigation and podcasts, so I need it close enough to see (and stay in my driving field of view), and reachable when the car is stopped.

I'd also used vent-mounts that use the spring loaded arms to hold the phone in place, but they always fell off, especially if I hit a bump. I think the different with the magnetic mount is that it keeps the weight close to the fulcrum, so it very rarely comes loose.

I'm finally going to get a new iPhone--probably the 11 Pro Max. Apple recommends against magnetic accessories for most newer iPhones, so it looks like I'm going to change things. I was looking at what Apple sold for the phones in their store, and one model was the Scosche MagicGrip Freeflow Wireless Charging Vent Mount.

Problem is, it's an "only at Apple" product, so I don't see any user reviews. My chief concern is how well it stays attached to the vent, especially one that's short--my car's center vents are horizontally-oriented and only about 2" high.

Has anyone here used this? I like that the arms automatically open and close, but I'm also concerned that this may break. Also, it's held out from the vent on an arm, which I'm concerned might make it not stay in place (lever principle). The Belkin that's also at the Apple Store has the manual arms, but sits closer to the vent and I think might be similar to the magnetic mount I have and not pop out as easily.
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