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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by Fzang, Oct 19, 2014.

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    Jun 15, 2013
    If everything is rendered 3x, does that mean web pages now need 3x assets to look good? So that 0.01% of the internet that was optimized for Retina now becomes 0.000000000000001% for the iPhone 6+?

    But conversely, with 3x rendering, does that mean 3D graphics are essentially "antialiased" out of the box, thus winning a couple of points on that account?

    And finally, if you're viewing a fullscreen video 1920x1080 video, is it first churned through the system's display server, essentially "losing" information? Can games with 100% custom drawn assets decide to render purely at 1920x1080 so they won't waste energy on 3x (as 1242x2208 is about 25% more pixels)?

    So many questions, so little answers, and so long delivery time!
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    things are always rendered at 1242x2208

    if game developers decide to have an ingame render of 1080p, then the iphone would upscale that to 1242x2208, then downscale it back to 1080p at the screen level.

    not ideal, but that's how the point system works.

    regarding true 3x retina assets, yes that's true, beside apple's own website, hardly any websites will have 3x retina assets ...right now.
    however, most websites already have really large assets (made for 15" screens, so the difference on a 5.5" screen I argue, wouldnt be that noticable under normal usage.

    the big benefit is text, which would be a lot smoother.

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