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    I am a newbie at iOS programming, and new to Objective-C, as well. Fact is, I have been using a Mac for just 6 months (converted PC guy, doncha know). I’ve been going at it pretty hard to write an app that plays a quicktime.

    Lots of documentation online about the use of the QTKit.framework tells me this may be my path to the Holy Grail. Trouble is, I don’t seem to have any such framework. The “Link Binary with libraries” section of Xcode has scads of frameworks, but not QTKit.

    I downloaded something called qtkit-0.2.tar, which extracts to a folder filled with what looks to be useful files, dot m’s and dot h’s aplenty! If I knew how/where to install this Folder o’ Goodies so that Xcode sees it as a ‘framework’, I can get on with my life.

    Can you help???

    I am using Xcode4.3.1 on the Mac Lion OS 10.7.3
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    QuickTime Kit does not exist in iOS.

    You could use MPMoviePlayerViewController and MPMoviePlayerController to just play a movie.

    For more complicated stuff and the replacement for QTKit, use AVFoundation.
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