Quad Core Processor For iPad


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Mar 17, 2012
All you people talk about is wanting a quad core processor in the next iPad/being disappointed it isn't in this one.

Why? I thought this forum was filled with people smart in things having to do with technology.

What benefit could a quad core processor in the iPad possibly provide? It already goes lightning fast, apps open instantly, and I've never had an app slow down or anything.

The iPad has no need for a quad core processor. The Quad Core Processor would obviously give you a performance increase in your all important GeekBenchmark (so you can brag to you friends, and I guess you're also the people who want a redesign so everyone can know that you have the new iPad). But it would only give marginal performance increases in every day use, if any.

Quad Core processors have been out for years and yet most software isn't even coded to take advantage of all the cores.

Do you not realize that (most) apps don't run in the background? They're suspended. Again no need for multi-core processing.

What the heck are you people doing on your iPad that requires a quad core processor? Even with video editing on the iPad, it goes smooth.

Maybe it's not the quad core processor you need, how about you stop jail breaking you iPad (to get your cute spinning apps and all important themes which completely ruin the look Apple has spent hours creating) to speed it up.

Please stop asking for something that isn't needed. If the iPad needs a quad core processor because iOS 7.0 or whatever is "lagging" then Apple will include one. We won't include one just so you can say "ooh look" and so you have something to brag about to your girlfriends.


Benefits Of Quad Core Processor

-Lower battery life
-More heat
-Thicker? To support battery for Quad Core.
-You can look cool


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Jul 22, 2011
Quad Core processors have been out for years and yet most software isn't even coded to take advantage of all the cores.
Well that's not really true, it's more a case of a lot of software simply not having anything to gain from so many cores. What's the point in Skype being coded to support 8 cores? Photo editing, video editing, many games, decoding and yadayada programs all make use of quad core frequently.


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Jun 8, 2011
Quad core processing is ok. With more cores, you can have more concurrent processes running as long as the software supports more cores or if there is a fallback for when a single core is utilized over a certain capacity. Just because you have more cores, it doesn't mean that you have more processing power however. Calculations are normally done in mflops for the processors and not how the consumer equates speed with more cores or higher clock speed.

I'm quite happy with the results of the A5X performance so far. While it does have more cores than the average bear, it's performance speaks for itself.


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Apr 15, 2010
I think it would be better to just increase the speed of the dual core rather than go quad next year.