Quality control???????? Really?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by nospeed411, Jul 12, 2010.

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    Ok so I have been reading multiple threads on crappy camera color. I decided to compare my "new" ip4 and my wife's "old" ip4. You would think for all the time and development that went on here there would not be such a drastic difference between the 2. When I got my 1st ip4 I though my pics indoors where a tad yellow but soon after the phone puked and I had it swapped. Here are the results and it looks to me as if her's is going back this weekend.

    Her phone:

    My phone

    Her's with the flash on

    Mine with the flash

    The ****** part is I love these phones so much , but this is getting really hard to swallow.

    I think that they really should have taken their time and done a much better job putting these things together and not just trying to push out unusually substandard products.
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    And change the light bulb on your under cabinet light.
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    I am fed up with companies with poor standards, and Apple is becoming one of them.:(:(
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    Did you tap to focus on the same object or wall or whatever before taking the pic.

    When you tap to focus it not only focuses but does color correction, white balancing etc.

    I have a feeling you just stood in the same spot and took the pic without doing any of that.

    By the way I have the same paper towel holder. Kudos! :)
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    yeah, the AWB is based on the focus select. Tape a piece of paper on the wall as a chip card and do again.
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    Actually I did tap the focus...thats the strange part. What I am trying to portray is the color difference between the two phones. I actually never noticed the the diff in the two cameras ability to focus . I held the phones side by side when doing the comparo photos .

    Thanks for the compliment on the tile. However it is actually Congoleum Dura-ceramic. Way lighter and thinner than actual tile but has the same look and feel. Yes I know I need to finish painting and change the bulb.....cheap ass wal-mart lights eat bulbs for some reason.

    Those are the clean ones...:D should have seen that mess 20 mins before the pic was taken.
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    My opinion is that they need to tweak the camera software.

    I have sat and taken pictures of the same exact object, focused in the same exact spot, and with the flash 1 picture will look totally washed out, and the other will look great.

    I wouldnt worry about it just yet i think. They need to fix the green spot issue when you're by fluerescent lights as well.
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    I tried telling people my replacement phone also fixed my issues. Thanks for taking the time to post pics to prove it.
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    If you want to talk QA, the supposed failure rate is quite low, considering a few million units have been delivered so far. It is well under a fraction of a percent. If you want to talk signifigant QA failures, along with fires, lets talk XBOX & XBOX 360:


    So who is the big fat liar, Jobs or Gates? Who allows your personal data to be phished by 3rd parties with their apps or their on internal data gathering systems, Apple or Google. It seems that Google is allowing their lack of shepherding of apps to become the new frontier of scammers for your data. Who is being sued in multiple countries and facing possible criminal prosecution on illegal data gathering and privacy violations, Apple or Google.

    All big companies get quality issues, Microsoft blamed a 3rd party supplier for the xbox, Google is saying it was a software oversight on the personal data and the open platform has its issues but people want open structure. So you have to guard your data yourself.

    If you feel yours is a lemon, you can return it for a refund. See if Microsoft will take your smoldering Xbox 360 back. Will Google take back the Android platforms, since your personal data is forfeit if you load a phish app?

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