Quark, double click edit image taken to Preview not PS annoying

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by MacBoobsPro, Feb 28, 2008.

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    How can I stop my Quark images taking me into Preview instead of Photoshop when I double click and try to edit them?

    For years I have double clicked the images that needed editing and it whisked me off to PS. I edit the image click save, then update in Quark. Simple.

    Now since Leopard has come along Quark keeps sending me to Preview instead of Photoshop so I cant really edit diddly. I now have to make a mental note of the image location on my hard drive using 'usage' in Quark then navigate to that file and manually open it in PS. Its a pain in the ass.

    Is there a way to tell Quark to take me to Photoshop not Preview, or tell preview to piss off? I have a 40pp catalogue with hundreds of images that all need editing at different stages and this problem is going to add hours to an already mundane repetitive task.

    Any help is appreciated. :)
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    das Fort
    I would check and make sure OS X wants to open your files with Photoshop (pick one and "Get Info"). If not, change it from Preview to PS and click the button to change every one of that file type to do the same.

    I don't work with Quark (InDesign here), so I don't know if there is a function within that program. You could hunt around the Prefs, though.
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    :eek: Didnt think of that. :D

    I'll give it a go.

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